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Re: Cutey Honey


Genre: Action
Company: Gainax/Toei Douga/Laterna/Towani
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 7/24/2004 to 9/25/2004

Tokyo, a city filled with crime and danger. No greater threat lies than the Panther Claw Organization, led by the mysterious Sister Jill. The police are powerless to stop Panther Claw, so who can save the city? Standing up to this vile force is Kisaragi Honey… or as she is known to the public, the warrior of love herself, Cutey Honey!

summary by Ender


Reviewed: 10/15/2005 by
Grade: 81% av-Ender

Highs: Frantic animation; faithful to source material; peppy music

Lows: Changing styles; ending loses steam

I never thought I’d live to see the day when Anno Hideaki and Nagai Go would collaborate on something. Then again, considering that the latter is noted for being a “perverted genius” and the former helped create the “Gainax bounce,” I’m not at all surprised by this endeavor. Re: Cutey Honey is the fruit of that labor, taking the famous anime character from a by-gone era and giving her a more than swanky makeover.

Anno has shown that he is a fan of Nagai’s creation, taking time and effort to recreate the ’70s junk-pop look that made Honey an anime starlet. He manages to incorporate new-age animation with Nagai’s immortal character designs with the same grace that made MazinKaiser such eye candy. With splashes of pink, red and violet, the whole series looks like a rainbow that exploded on animation cels. Adding to this is the wild pop music score and Koda Kumi’s rendition of the now famous Cutey Honey theme song, it all plays very well with the action that explodes on the screen. And you can dance to it.

A problem for a series as erratic and spontaneous as this is that it doesn’t maintain that spontaneity as well as it should. This can be attributed to the fact that there are three different animation directors that switch off for different episodes. This is not a terrible thing, per se, but it is kind of odd to see one episode done differently than the last. By the climax, things wear down, and the style doesn’t match the same craziness that the series blasted off with.

I have to say, for a show aimed squarely at revisiting an anime icon with new sensibilities, this had me entertained throughout. Even with its loss of momentum towards the end, I was still able to walk away from it with a large grin on my face (the fact that Honey is hot as anything also helped). If you want a good actioner that hits the right senses, then you will pick this one up in a “Honey Flash.”


Re: Cutey Honey can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE and viewed legally online HERE.


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