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Sailor Moon Super S: Ami-chan’s First Love


a.k.a. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Ami-chan no Hatsukoi

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Toei Douga
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 1995

Mizuno Ami meets her match! Always a smart and serious student, Ami notices a person by the name of “Mercurius” vying against her for the top spot in the practice exam scores. Convinced that her rival must be a new enemy, Ami throws herself completely into her studies. Not even the arrival of a love letter in her locker can deter her from her goal. Will Ami be too busy studying to notice the real enemy?

summary by Madoka
Reviewed: 04/16/2004 by
Grade: 76% av-Madoka

Highs: Gives Ami a personality; genuinely funny

Lows: Short piece of fluff

Ami-chan’s First Love is a playful look at the world as Sailor Mercury sees it. In just fifteen minutes, more is shown about Ami’s personality and the bond between the girls than in all two hundred episodes of the series. Even though this movie is no more than a bit of extra fluff, the comedy and camaraderie highlight just what makes Sailor Moon a favorite of many.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mizuno Ami actually has a personality. Beyond the fact that she is a serious student, very little effort is given in the series to portray her as a detailed character beyond the studious stereotype. In this short excursion, viewers finally learn more about what she likes, what she doesn’t like and that she has a healthy dose of silliness hidden beneath her scholarly nature. Her stubborn fixation on her new rival, and the comedic reactions of the girls as they try to help her, humanize the characters beyond their usually stereotypical behavior. With a lighthearted tone, a bit of romance and real comedy, this movie has almost all of the good elements of the series and hardly any of the bad.

Although it’s nice to see Ami stand in the spotlight, it’s a very short performance. This movie is nothing more than a cute treat for fans. In essence a fifteen minute episode of the series replete with monster, transformation sequence and attack, this anime has no impact on either the story or the audience; then again, it’s not really intended to. Music is reused from the series, but the animation is higher quality than usual; even the transformation sequence is a little flashier this go-around.

If you’re a loyal fan dying to join Sailor Mercury for a short adventure, or a curious first-time viewer wanting to take a quick peek inside the world of Sailor Moon, Ami-chan’s First Love is not a bad way to spend fifteen minutes of your time.


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