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Samurai Girl Real Bout High School


a.k.a. Real Bout High School

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Gonzo
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 7/30/2001 to 10/22/2001

Mitsurugi Ryoko is a teenage girl attending Daimon High School, a school where students settle disputes by dueling each other in officially sanctioned fights called K-Fights. Ryoko happens to be a samurai drama otaku and the undefeated champion at school, consequently meaning that she’s the target of numerous people. One day, she finds a strange, blue pendant and gets sent to another dimension, where she is called upon by a mysterious spirit to protect Earth from an invasion by the alternate universe of Solvania. Only by completing this task can she find the way to be a true samurai.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 12/18/2004 by
Grade: 39% av-Eek

Highs: Mindless entertainment

Lows: Just isn’t funny; grows stale quickly; terribly sloppy animation

Back in my lazy grade school days, I can remember going over to friends’ houses and spending hours playing all sorts of video games. If there was one game genre I knew I’d be okay in without practicing, it was fighting games; specifically, button mashers. You know, that type of fighting game where your ability to tap buttons faster than the other person actually helps you win the fight. Well, Real Bout High School is a button masher.

By that previous sentence, I meant that Real Bout High School requires no thought whatsoever. None, nada, zip and zero. With characters usually running around accomplishing absolutely nothing, fights pop up at least a few times every episode purely for entertainment purposes. Care to watch Shizuma beat down crabs (not the STD) with his bare fists? Or how about seeing Ryoko use her bokuto to take on Azumi? Well, you got it. For any fans of Fist of the North Star or Guyver, this is definitely an anime made just for you.

While I’m far from impressed by the action, Real Bout High School should have stuck to its guns instead of making attempts at comedy. A fair portion of the filler (which is practically everything) is spent making futile efforts to get a chortle to escape your lips, but only on extremely rare occasions do these jokes succeed. This anime would have been better had it not gotten old after the first episode. The cycle of physical violence and crude jokes makes you grow numb of it all and wishing for anything else. And adding insult to injury, the animation is just poor. There are many instances of characters being drawn incorrectly or incompletely, massive amounts of looping and shifting stills on stills. Yet somehow, Gonzo managed to draw the voluptuous curves of every teenage female without flaw; wonders never cease.

If your thumbs have become numb from playing button mashers for too long, you could consider taking a break and watching Real Bout High School. But beyond the button masher factor, this series just doesn’t have anything for it. I’d recommend that you convert Cuba to a democracy, ask Santa for underwear or write a thesis on Japanese feminism instead of watching this anime.


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