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Shamanic Princess


Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Bandai Visual
Format: 6 OVA
Dates: 6/25/1996 to 6/25/1998

Tiara, a formidable magic user, has been sent with her partner Japolo to retrieve the Throne of Yord that was stolen from the Guardian World. She poses as a student by day and searches for the Throne by night. Tiara is surprised to find that her friends from the Guardian World, Lena and Kagetsu, are involved in the theft. Can Tiara put her feelings for the man she loves aside to accomplish her mission?

summary by Madoka


Reviewed: 02/18/2003 by
Grade: 80% av-Madoka

Highs: Stylish animation; something for everyone

Lows: Storyline out of order; little character development

A beautifully animated and unique series, Shamanic Princess contains the eye candy and compelling story to make it a crowd pleaser for any type of fan. Filled with action, drama, romance and magic, this series should be a hands-down winning combination. Its biggest flaw, however, turns what should be a solid and straightforward plot into confusion, making you wonder more than once if you’re watching the wrong episode.

The story begins with action-filled fight scenes in a beautiful and mysterious world. Appropriate yet forgettable vocal and background music add even more atmosphere to the dark setting of the story, and detailed, beautifully-drawn backgrounds complement the clean character designs. The characters themselves greatly resemble the designs of CLAMP, with eyes that are larger than the norm but not enough to be too distracting. Male viewers, in particular, will enjoy the tight-fitting costumes and transformations of the female characters, all stylishly and attractively presented.

Although there isn’t much in the character development department, the last few episodes add enough to the story to help the viewer understand at least who the characters are and what they have experienced. Strangely enough, the last two episodes are a prequel to the first four. Placing the beginning of the story in the last two episodes and telling the end of the story in the first four episodes does nothing but lessen the impact of the story and confuse the viewer.

Shamanic Princess is one of those series that make you question why the creators made some of the decisions that they did. It would strengthen the series greatly to have placed the episodes in the correct order so that they make a straight, cohesive story from start to finish. Still enjoyable and understandable, simply watching the last two episodes first would be my recommendation to get the most out of this anime.


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