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Sin: The Movie


a.k.a. SiN

Genre: Action
Company: ADV Films/Phoenix Entertainment
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 10/24/2000

In the 21st century, Freeport is a city protected by Colonel John Blade and his elite strike force, Hardcorps. Following numerous kidnappings, John’s investigation leads him to SinTEK corporation. Headed by the vicious Elexis Sinclair, SinTEK’s goal is to bring about the next step in mankind’s evolution, and auspiciously, only John can prevent her diabolical schemes from being realized.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 10/03/2004 by
Grade: 32% av-Eek

Much like with The Animatrix, I have to question whether SiN really is anime; it was written in America but animated in Japan. Pushing this question aside, this movie is nothing short of a disaster. What else would you expect from a game-to-anime conversion based off of numerous Doom clones of the late 1990s?

Although this is ADV Films’ first domestic animation production, you’ve got to give them this: they know where to get the goods when it comes to music. Created by Amano Masamichi (Princess NineUrusei Yatsura: Only You) and performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the background music is a treat to listen to and plays almost all the time throughout.

Here’s a quick synopsis: rogue cop fights crazy babe whom creates mutants. However, I’ll give this movie more attention than ADV ever did and actually go into detail. In those eight words, I’ve identified three clichés, and that’s only the start. Here are some more: geeky tech guy, geeky tech guy’s sister who comes to avenge geeky tech guy’s death, crazy babe’s mad scientist father and stopping crazy babe because she’s crazy. Toss in the obligatory shower scene for the fanboys and we’ve only begun. How about art and animation? Nothing says bad quite like the liberal use of loops, stills, irregular details and flat CGI. The massive amounts of blood and gored bodies meaninglessly used at least looked somewhat real. And literally, the last twenty minutes are played out like a first-person shooter; John runs through Elexis’ corporate building, killing mutants left and right (when said mutants could hardly be harmed before) until he finally reaches the top floor. Had Dr. Claw randomly popped up at the end and said “I’ll get you next time, Inspector Gadget… err, John Blade!”, I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised.

How do I end this review on a positive note? I can’t. With clichés out the wazoo and one of the worst game-to-anime translations I’ve ever seen, your best bet is to not even have any knowledge of SiN lest you be tempted to see just how bad it truly is.


SiN can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE.


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