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Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Kadokawa Shoten
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 4/7/1995 to 9/29/1995

Meet Lina Inverse, one of the most powerful sorceresses to date. Her name is well known all around the world, especially to bandits, as the “Bandit Killer”. Like the anti-Robin Hood, Lina Inverse steals from everyone and gives to herself. During one of her heists, she acquires a mysterious statue… and a whole world of trouble follows! From blind priests to ogres, Lina has not had a quiet moment since.

summary by Kei


Reviewed: 04/18/2004 by
Grade: 80% av-Kei

Highs: Good plot for a comedy; awesome music

Lows: Less than average quality animation

Slayers is possibly the funniest anime I have ever seen. Be it the short temper of sorceress Lina Inverse or the slow thinking of the swordsman Gourry Gabriev, this anime keeps you laughing. It’s one of the few comedy series that sticks to its plot the whole way through.

An odd thing about this series is that it’s practically two seasons in one. About halfway through it, the plot changes drastically, making each half of this one season show seem completely different. One of the best things about the show is that Lina is voiced none other than Hayashibara Megumi, who has done other voices such as Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) and girl-type Ranma (Ranma ½). Wherever Hayashibara Megumi is, great music is sure to follow. When you think a funny story, solid plot and great voices are enough, throw in some good music and you have something special!

The only real downside to this show is its animation. It’s not as crisp as some other series that were released around the same time, which can be a real letdown.

So, basically, if you’re sick of mundane anime and want a really good laugh (with great music!), Slayers is the show for you. Be sure to watch the following series, Slayers NEXT and Slayers Try, both of which are improvements on the original!


Reviewed: 04/18/2004 by
Grade: 78% av-Kjeldoran

Highs: Moments of hilarity; vibrant characters; interesting plot twists

Lows: Insipidly repetitive; simplistic at times

To put it bluntly, Slayers will not win any awards for its plot and animation. Yet, as far as light comedy goes, watching the self-centered Lina Inverse fireball her way through bandits, wizards and demons with magic and witty punch lines is, for the most part, a blast.

The storyline is a mild shocker; nothing incredibly complex but with enough twists to set itself apart from the many chestnut fantasy storylines of a lowly knight saving the kingdom. A bad guy with plausible ambitions alone is satisfactory for me. Where Slayers excels, however, is with its characters. Character development is somewhat scarce, but Lina and her group have personalities fit for a sidesplitting comedy. Lovable, hateful, dimwitted… each leave a mark in their own way because of their charm and brilliant support by talented seiyuu. Each episode packs a solid amount of laughter and always had me craving more until suddenly, without warning, it got old.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It doesn’t take long before one is able to memorize all of Lina’s freakishly powerful spells, see Gourry only being hit on the head or Lina scream “fireball!” so many times before it gets dull. This also works on a larger scale; the second half of this series annoyingly resembled the first in too many ways. Such monotony was thankfully amended by a few innovations in monster designs and humor during the second part of this saga.

Many laughs and a few yawns are what should be expected of Slayers. Sometimes, you need to give the public more of what they really want, such as unpredictability and Gourry dressed as a woman.


Slayers is licensed in the U.S. by Funimation, and episodes may be viewed legally in the United States HERE on Youtube..


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