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Smash Hit!


Genre: Comedy
Company: M·O·E
Format: 8 episodes
Dates: 3/8/2004 to 4/26/2004

Ever since she was a small girl, Ikita Mitsuki’s goal in life has been to produce a detective drama. Unfortunately, she has not had the opportunity to reach her dream and has been stuck working on adult films for the past few years. When she is appointed head producer for a new project, Mitsuki thinks this might be her big break, but the program she is producing is a new children’s show, Super Transformation CosPrayers: The Cosmopolitan Prayers. Even though it isn’t a detective show, she is determined to try her best and make CosPrayers the best show that she can.

summary by Gatts


Reviewed: 08/17/2004 by
Grade: 44% av-Gatts

Highs: Makes fun of CosPrayers; unique premise

Lows: Disjointed narrative; excessive fan service; shallow characters

After learning that Smash Hit! was a quasi-sequel to CosPrayers, I was almost afraid to start watching. Thankfully, though, it certainly is an improvement over its predecessor but is plagued by many of the same problems… namely, a disjointed narrative and shallow characters.

The best thing Smash Hit! has going for it is a unique premise. Instead of being a true sequel to CosPrayers, it is more like a fictional behind-the-scenes look. All the characters from the original anime appear here, but instead of being real heroes, they are actually actors who are playing heroes for a television show. However, they are merely side characters, and the main focus is on the producers and writers. There are some funny moments when they attribute CosPrayers lackluster quality to things like pressure from advertisers and budget constraints.

While it may have some funny moments and a novel concept, the anime still has its fair share of problems. Like the original series, there is no real cohesive narrative, and although it is never quite as incoherent, many scenes lack focus and tend to jump around a lot. In terms of character development, things here are a bit better this time around because the main character is developed slightly, but there is still no reason to truly care for her struggles. The excessive fan service is an even bigger problem, and the constant barrage of panty shots and nudity detract from any attempt at character development.

Going into this, I expected Smash Hit! to be another tremendous flop, but there are at least a few laughs to be had, especially for those that suffered through CosPrayers. However, a handful of humorous moments cannot make up for the shallow characters, obtrusive fan service and disjointed plot.


Smash Hit! can be downloaded legally in the United States HERE




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