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Sorcerer on the Rocks


a.k.a. Chivas 1-2-3

Genre: Action
Company: MediaWorks/Domu
Format: 2 OVA
Dates: 8/21/1999 to 9/21/1999

In a world of sorcery, Chivas Scotch is a bounty hunter who always gets what he wants. His companions, a man in love with him and two young, subdued girls, follow him around as he battles creatures to pay off his debts. An enormous monster with a price on its head ravaging a decadent town once every full moon presents itself as the perfect opportunity to make some big bucks and have a good time at the expense of his associates. This, of course, unless the job happens to be one big trap.

summary by Kjeldoran


Reviewed: 04/18/2004 by
Grade: 46% av-Kjeldoran

Highs: Good looking; incites a few chortles

Lows: Shallow characters; plain story; fan service galore; dull action scenes

I think everyone would agree that watching two random episodes of a given series would be confusing and pointless. This is basically what Sorcerer on the Rocks feels like. Spinning-off the Sorcerer Hunter series but featuring new characters, these OVAs offer scarcely more than pretty pictures, ecchi and then some more ecchi.

Information about characters is kept at a strict minimum. Chivas Scotch (renamed Shibas by ADV Films due to alcohol-related copyrights) looks to be an experiment in creating the new Dark Schneider from Bastard!! that went terribly wrong. The womanizing and egotism part is accurate, but not only did they overdo it but those are also the only two personality traits given to Chivas, making him detestable and annoying. His slave Fizz Gin, who reluctantly plays the role of Miss Fan Service, is given more complexity than the others but not much should be expected from a girl who has mixed feelings about her abusive owner.

Some redeeming factors include good art and a handful of laughs. While it uses too few cels for my tastes, the artwork shows quality, nice colors and is up to the standards of an OVA series. Also, to my surprise, no pointless fights were added to eat up some time. The camera takes its eyes off Fizz’s body a few times to exhibit some roughly choreographed battles, but our party is not attacked by random bad guys every second or so. This is unfortunate for those anticipating mindless action; rest assured mindlessness is in most other aspects of this anime.

Whether dancing in bunny suits or taking baths, the Sorcerer on the Rocks girls are the main focus here; thus, labeling everything else from storyline to character development as a marginal luxury some fancy directors use. The makers of this wannabe Sorcerer Hunter know nobody wants to see that anymore.


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