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Super Transformation CosPrayers: The Cosmopolitan Prayers


a.k.a. CosPrayers

a.k.a. The Cosmopolitan Prayers

Genre: Action
Company: M·O·E
Format: 8 episodes
Dates: 1/12/2004 to 3/1/2004

While on a class trip to a shrine, Hoshino Koto finds a mysterious bracelet lying on the ground. Hidden deep within the bracelet is the power to transform into a powerful hero, a CosPrayer. Koto always dreamed of being a hero, so with the help of the other CosPrayers, she sets out to fight the forces of evil. Will this group of five, young girls be able to save the world?

summary by Gatts


Reviewed: 12/18/2004 by
Grade: 28% av-Gatts

Highs: It’s a short series

Lows: Just about everything

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve seen an anime as bad as Super Transformation CosPrayers: The Cosmopolitan Prayers. M·O·E (which ironically enough stands for “Master of Entertainment”) has succeeded in creating an absolute abomination of a series that lacks just about anything one could call “entertaining”. Granted, M·O·E’s works have never been noteworthy, but their other shows, like Hanaukyo Maid Tai, have at least some amusing moments.

First, CosPrayers makes no sense whatsoever, with no sense of continuity throughout each episode. In one scene, the characters are about to start fighting a villain in a cave, but after a quick fade to black, they somehow are fighting on a pier overlooking the ocean. Making this disjointed structure even worse is the fact that the creators decided to throw in just about anything they could think of, regardless of whether it was logical or not. During fight scenes, the CosPrayers’ weapons would randomly transform into tennis rackets. Why? Who knows, but apparently tennis rackets are more powerful than swords and spears. Things like this will just leave viewers scratching their heads, and any attempt to figure out what is going on will most likely only result in a headache.

Now, if the series was meant to be fun and lighthearted, perhaps the incoherent story could be excused, but CosPrayers has no real redeeming qualities. The main characters are shallow and serve little purpose besides running around in skimpy outfits. Seemingly important characters, like the creator of the CosPrayers’ transformation bracelets, randomly appear throughout the series but end up serving no purpose.

After suffering through the last episode, I was hard-pressed to remember a single character’s name. It is really that bad. This is a totally nonsensical show that tries to get by on fan service and nothing else. It’s worth noting that after finishing the series, M·O·E created Smash Hit!, an anime about the fictional production of CosPrayers. While it explains some things about the show, it is no excuse for the abomination that is this anime.


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