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Sword for Truth


Genre: Action
Company: Toei Douga
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 1990

During the Tokugawa era, Shuranosuke Sakaki has been hired by a clan to rescue their princess from the Seki Ninja. The ninja want the Ginryu, an ancient sword, and threaten to kill Princess Mayu if the sword is not delivered to them. Shuranosuke accepts the mission and begins his journey to save Mayu.

summary by Madoka


Reviewed: 03/11/2003 by
Grade: 28% av-Madoka

Highs: The disc makes a nice coaster

Lows: More loose ends than you can count; terrible animation; uninteresting and extraneous characters

That was probably the hardest plot summary I’ve had to write, only because it was extremely hard to explain it with more than one sentence. The little there is of the plot should be straightforward: save the girl and kill the bad guys. But this movie even manages to muck that up by leaving loose ends, introducing characters for no reason at all and failing to explain basic plot points (why do the ninja want the sword in the first place? Who knows).

The action scenes, which are arguably the movie’s only bearable moments, mainly consist of flashes of light and flying body parts. As gory as some of the violence is, not even the blood is drawn very well. The animation is of such low quality that they don’t even bother to animate some of the scenes, instead showing a still picture moving across the screen.

The rest of the anime is laughable at best. Thrown in with the violence are random sex scenes that serve no purpose in the story whatsoever. Characters are shown for one of three reasons: to either have sex, kill someone or be killed themselves. As for the main character, Shuranosuke has no background, no emotion and no reason to really root for him. He’s just there to easily kill everything in his way.

Sword for Truth suffers in just about every area imaginable. Although some might try to convince you that it’s the same quality as Ninja Scroll (even though that’s not saying much), the truth is that it’s closer to Ninja Resurrection. If you want to see a good plot, interesting characters and decent music, watch another anime. In the mood for some mindless sex and violence? Maybe then I’d recommend this one… if I didn’t like you.


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