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Genre: Action
Company: Studio DEEN/Sony Music Entertainment
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 1998

Jun has been haunted by a boy’s death at the hands of his father for nearly fifteen years. It was then as a young girl that Jun witnessed Heihachi Mishima throw his son Kazuya off of a cliff in shame. She is now called to investigate Heihachi’s criminal syndicate by enrolling herself in the Tekken Tournament. Little was she prepared for a young man who steps forth with vengeance in his eyes, looking to take the old man’s life on his own.

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 04/16/2004 by
Grade: 20% av-Kain

Highs: It’s short

Lows: Where do I begin?

Oy vey.

Initially I was reluctant to review this title, wanting only to cave in to self-preservation and forever shun it from my memory banks. I then realized I had a civic duty to warn my fellow anime fans… by pleading with them not to touch Tekken with a ten-foot sho ryu ken. Yes, folks, this anime is that bad.

Fighting games make notoriously subpar anime, so I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking going in. Even then I was disappointed. I thought to myself, “Is this really anime, or am I watching some American bastardization of my beloved art?”. Unfortunately, I later learned the answer is the former.

Tekken has no redeeming qualities. None. The animation is horrible, the fight sequences unimaginative, the story… uh…, the character development… uh…

Now that I think about it, “uh…” pretty much sums it up.


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