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Tenchi Muyo in Love II: Haruka Naru Omoi


a.k.a. Tenchi Forever!

Genre: Drama
Company: Kadokawa Shoten
Format: 1 movie
Dates: 4/24/1999

Arguments between Ryoko and Ayeka aren’t anything new, however after their most recent squabble they demand that Tenchi finally choose between them. Being the kind of guy that he is distracts them and he runs off. Hiding near a large blossoming tree, Tenchi vanishes. The girls set off to find him, but after months of search they still have no luck. Where did Tenchi go? Will they ever find him? Will he ever choose?

summary by Mugs


Reviewed: 04/16/2004 by
Grade: 90% av-Mugs

Highs: Beautiful plot; gorgeous animation

Lows: If you’re expecting normal Tenchi fare, you’ll be disappointed

First of all let me say I’m not the world’s biggest Tenchi Muyo! fan. I’ve seen episodes here and there, but nothing to make me shell out for the OVA box set or the eight-odd DVDs for the Universe version. The only thing I really like of the series was the first movie Tenchi Muyo in Love. So I wasn’t looking for a ton out of this movie, and yet it really knocked me for a loop when I watched it.

The movie is nothing like the series and fans of the series should be warned of it. There are no battles, and very little comedy to be found. The movie deals with issues of loneliness, love and abandonment. The plot is very good; it draws you into its web completely.

One of the nice things is how the antagonist of the story is very believable. You really feel like they are justified in their actions. It’s a nice change of pace from the insane villain out to destroy for no reason. Being a movie, the animation is very good, and everything is extremely fluid. It’s also in widescreen, which is always a plus.

The story revolves around Tenchi’s disappearance and Ryoko and Ayeka’s attempts to find him. Without giving away too much, Tenchi has been pulled into another reality, and unless something is done quickly he’ll be gone forever. This movie is the ending point for the Universe series, and yes Tenchi does finally choose.


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