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Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Fuji TV/Studio Madhouse/Pioneer LDC
Format: 22 episodes
Dates: 4/16/2003 to 9/25/2003

In the renowned city of Lukuss, Ichise is an underground boxer, his victories gambled upon by citizens looking to make a quick buck. However, his life is radically altered when a gang cuts off his right arm and left leg, leaving him all but dead. His desperation to live is brought to the attention of the city’s ruling syndicate, Organo, and his dismembered limbs are replaced with Texhnolyze, cybernetic prosthetics that enhance human potential. All the while, an outsider, Yoshii Kazuo, sets into motion the process for Lukuss’ destruction while the young prophet, Ran, foresees the city’s cataclysmic future.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 04/07/2007 by
Grade: 70% av-Eek

Highs: Surreal storytelling method; intelligent characters with depth

Lows: Stale character personalities; weak atmosphere

Let’s put this misconception to rest: Abe Yoshitoshi did not produce, direct, or write Texhnolyze; he merely made the concept character designs. With that said, this anime is mildly reminiscent of Serial Experiments Lain, but no other anime even comes close to the experience of watching this.

It isn’t very often that one finds an anime with abnormal storytelling; most follow a clear-cut and linear method that doesn’t attempt to push the bounds of imagination. On the other hand, Texhnolyze possesses very dreamy storytelling, often switching perspectives, using numerous visual alterations in each cel, displaying feelings with colors and even showing the world from characters’ eyes. The characters especially are different in a good way; possessing their own agendas, everyone is incredibly street smart but not overly philosophical when it comes to matters that the story deals with. These characters are very meticulous in thought and action without becoming automatons.

At the same time, the characters are just so dry and emotionless that it’s difficult to find a reason to root for them. Many of them are deadpan pawns with monotone voices and rarely display any true emotion, dramatic or melodramatic. Besides which, the atmosphere never feels real to the proper degree. It’s very rare to see non-syndicate affiliated people even walking about the street, let alone dealing with Organo or Class, so it’s difficult to get a good grasp upon how the shifting power struggles affect the city as a whole rather than just the large organizations.

Even with smart yet plain characters, Texhnolyze does prove to have quite a few qualities that makes it worth watching. Don’t expect anything incredibly revolutionary; just expect the unexpected.


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