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Time and Space Adventures: Nuumamonjaa


Genre: Comedy
Company: Production IG
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 1/8/1996

Everything is prepared for the Millennial Fair, the celebration of the first thousand years of the Guardia Kingdom. The night before the opening ceremonies, however, the monsters of the realm celebrate their own fair. Among them is the Nuumamonjaa, a monster society (consisting only of Nuu and Mamo) looking for more members. Since no one seems to be interested, the Nuumamonjaa decide join the fun to prove that they mean business.

summary by Griveton


Reviewed: 04/17/2003 by
Grade: 45% av-Griveton

Highs: Funny; Gonzalez

Lows: Poor animation; no story; inconsequential

Being nothing but a short movie that was designed to have more value as a promotion for the Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger, I wasn’t expecting much of this OVA… well, I wasn’t expecting much of anything.

There is no actual story to speak of; sure, the events follow the Nuumamonjaa on their capers during the monster millennial fair, but it seems to be just a sequence of gags without any special purpose beyond inducing laughter. At this level, it does succeed. Comedy runs rampant in the short sixteen minutes of this anime, and you’ll find yourself at least chuckling once or twice at the cheesed-up jokes and characterization of the Chrono Trigger enemies, especially the robot cat Gonzalez (known as Gato in the US version of the game).

On the other hand, Nuumamonjaa is severely lacking in the technical department. The animation could really use some work, and the characters, albeit good (they were taken directly from the game, after all), are often drawn in a very basic manner. Also, most of the time the OVA feels kind of silent since a large portion of it has no music. Too bad, because the video game music used fits well and generally enhances the scenes.

While Nuumamonjaa is indeed a very lacking series, it also allows you to disconnect your brain for a while and have a cheap laugh, and that’s all that this OVA boils down to: a short, cheap laugh.


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