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Tokyo Underground


Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Studio Pierrot
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 4/2/2002 to 9/24/2002

Asagi Rumina is just an ordinary boy who also happens to be trained in martial arts. Upon coming home one night, he and his friend Ginnosuke discover two mysterious girls named Ruri and Chelsea. Both girls reveal that they came from a massive world underneath Tokyo known as Underground and that agents from an organization known as Company will come to kidnap Ruri and take her back. Little does Rumina know that his involvement with Ruri and Chelsea will forever alter his future.

summary by Eek


Reviewed: 10/01/2003 by
Grade: 39% av-Eek

Based on a manga by Yuraku Akinobu and coming from the studio that simultaneously aired Hikaru no Go and this series, I was expecting an anime that would have some value to it. However, Tokyo Underground is nothing short of a laughing disaster where any seriousness is immediately thrown out the door.

In all honesty, the only redeeming aspect is that practically everyone is a target for comic relief, be it antagonist or protagonist. With that said, the comedy simply does not work at all. Comedic moments end up being incredibly childish and unfunny, and this only helps to undermine the more serious moments by making them hard to take seriously. As soon as it was made known that Chelsea has her own fan club in Underground, I imagined this anime finally hitting rock bottom. But with plenty of episodes remaining, all that it kept telling me was “please throw down another shovel”.

I thought perhaps the characters could bring this series some redemption, but I was wrong. Everyone is a stereotype with no background; Rumina’s the overconfident teenage knight-in-shining-armor™, Ruri plays the always-helpless-damsel-in-distress™, Chelsea is the overprotective guardian™ of Ruri, et cetera. The once-in-six-episodes dab of background for side characters does not suffice. The fairly linear plot almost made it a point to not have any twists, and the music is merely bearable. Could the fights be any good? Yes, they could be… if they took out all of the trash talking each fighter indulges in the middle of each fight and if fights would not try to mimic Dragonball Z. Throw in the occasional severe plot hole that a Boeing 747 could fly through, a flood of incredibly unrealistic situations and people, recaps that fail to recap the previous episode properly, an abrupt ending that leaves more unanswered questions than you can shake a stick at and sporadic art and animation problems whose quality always drops a brick at the worst times and you have Tokyo Underground. This series constantly flirts with total disaster along parallels where only the worst of the worst anime lurk.

Despite the amount of badmouthing I have given, there is still a cheesy factor to it all that makes it fun… if not unbelievably mindless. If you want to enjoy Tokyo Underground, leave your mind snoozing; otherwise, be warned: this anime is unadulterated crap.


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