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Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever


Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Starchild Records
Format: 4 OVA
Dates: 8/28/2000 to 12/26/2003

Fiasse Christella is the young headmaster of a music academy and the heiress to an inheritance. Other people have taken notice, too, and she is the target of death threats. Undeterred, she enlists a legion of bodyguards whom happen to be friends from her childhood. Can these bodyguards put their personal feelings aside to see that Fiasse is returned home safely?

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 04/11/2005 by
Grade: 33% av-Kain

Highs: Vanilla-plain music selection doesn’t offend…

Lows: … but everything else about this anime does

Triangle Heart takes place following the events of the third video game in a series of the same name, so assumptions are made concerning the audience. Having never played the games, I was often left in a state of bewilderment as hardly any of the four OVAs were spent on much-needed background information. Needless to say, nothing about this anime compels me to get to know it any better.

Even when, early on, I resigned myself to the fact that this anime serves no purpose beyond being a lengthy commercial for the video games, I could still not find a single redeeming quality. The most heinous crime was Triangle Heart not knowing what type of anime it wants to be. The ultra-cutesy designs harken back to the likes of Magic Knight Rayearth, while the vibrant settings and pretty-boy male characters scream “melodramatic teen romance.” That’s all fine and dandy were it not for the presence of horribly-animated, bloody action sequences that seem really out of place with the character designs and saccharin-sweet personalities.

Not helping matters any is a combination of an obviously low budget with a severe lack of talent throughout the production staff. The “directing,” if you can call it that, made me cringe with its ill-conceived camera segues and poor choice of object placement; one tense scene involving two characters has the camera focus from their faces to, inexplicably, a shot of a sheathed sword that ended up not making an appearance. It still baffles my mind why such bad decisions carried over to even the sound effects, with hand guns sounding like Rice Krispies in milk.

If you’ve played the Triangle Heart video games and are a fan, do yourself a favor and don’t spoil the experience with this shoddily-created anime. Everything about this series points to low-rent, so much so that it wouldn’t surprise me if Bela Lugosi came back to life just to die again during production.


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