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UFO Princess Walküre


a.k.a. UFO Princess Valkyrie

a.k.a. Enban Koujo Warukyure

Genre: Action/Comedy/Romance
Company: TNK
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 7/4/2002 to 9/28/2002

Sometime in the future, many races of aliens live in harmony with humans. Kazuto and his sister Rika are left with the family business: the popular Tokino Bath House. Fleeing from her planet of Valhalla, Walküre crash lands on the Tokino Bath House and seriously injures Kazuto. To save his life, she makes a decision that will change her and Kazuto’s life forever.

summary by Kei


Reviewed: 11/09/2003 by
Grade: 56% av-Madoka

Highs: Good vocal songs; comedy

Lows: Fan service; little attention to plot

Unless you’re hungry for some fan service, UFO Princess Walküre has little else to offer. A shounen anime with magical girl elements, the series consists mainly of filler stories with a plot putting in an appearance at the end. The only high points for this show are remarkable vocal songs and genuine humor that provides some moments of comedy.

The upbeat opening and ending themes may be the most outstanding features of this anime. The animation and character design are as bright and cute as those songs, although certainly intended more for eye candy than anything else. With frequent shots of naked women in a bath house, a legion of cat girl maids and the main character the target of multiple affections, this is definitely a show directed at male viewers. UFO Princess Walküre takes the magical-girl-naked-transformation scenes above and beyond most others; this may be the only show where the testosterone-driven members of the audience will enjoy repeated viewings of the sequences. Unfortunately, it’s a kiss between the child Walküre and the older Kazuto (which becomes more disturbing to watch episode after episode) that prompts the transformation.

With all the focus on the fan service, it’s the plot that suffers. For some reason, this anime begins with an episode that takes place in the middle of the overall story. The beginning of the story actually takes place in the second episode, and the following episodes are mostly filler until the plot decides to put in an appearance at the end. For the most part, the comedy in the show usually produces the desired effect and doesn’t rely too heavily on the fan service. The cute-but-surly Shiro and the cat-eared Sanada are definitely the most humorous characters and are good for a real laugh or two.

Magical girl fans looking for a cute shoujo series, don’t be fooled; UFO Princess Walküre is a shounen anime filled to the brim with fan service and naked women. Fans of naked women, however, and there are quite a few of those, will find what they’re looking for.


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