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Ultimate Teacher, The


a.k.a. Kyofun no Byoningen Saishu Kyoshi

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Movic/Sony Music Japan
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 1988

In 1988, a terrible accident in a bioresearch lab allows one of its test subjects to escape. Fast-forward three years later at the worst school in all of Kanto where facilities are falling apart and teachers, mainly consisting of paroled convicts, have their very own graveyard. A mysterious man named Ganpachi Chabane appears from the shadows and promises to bring new hope to the school system with a vigorous disciplinarian approach. The school gang-leader Shiratori Hinako, a beautiful yet staggeringly strong girl, will represent the students in a fight against the ultimate teacher in which everything goes.

summary by Kjeldoran


Reviewed: 12/21/2004
Grade: 68% av-Kjeldoran

Highs: Original to say the least; bizarre and mindless humor at its best; unusual but elaborate character personas

Lows: Third-rate animation; comedic content will only appeal to a select few

If there were such a thing as an anime limbo contest, The Ultimate Teacher, although based on a manga, would win by a landslide. How low can you go? This warped piece of work pushes the boundaries of absurd comedy to the limit of human tolerance as every action stereotype was placed under a giant magnifying glass.

The Ultimate Teacher is probably unlike any anime you have seen thus far. It should normally manage to extort a few laughs but the context is not universal and may not entice viewers who have little knowledge of Japanese customs. The plot as a whole is not this OVA’s strong point as far as comedy goes. Aside from the intense underwear obsession, what really stands out are the characters. Super deformity is not only present in the art but in personalities as well. Ganpachi himself is the craziest man ever sketched and his behavior alone should be enough to either have you rolling on the floor laughing or hitting the stop button.

No apparent effort was put in the animation. Characters have been drawn in a hurry and any hint of action is pulled off by still frames and reused cels. Toyoo Ashida, who also directed Fist of the North Star and Vampire Hunter D, used every trick in the book to save time and money. This is done so shamelessly though; you can’t help wondering if it is intentionally poking fun at other low-budget anime. Aside from the one theme song performed by the reasonably popular J-Pop group Kome Kome Club, music in The Ultimate Teacher is barely noticeable, and audible, for that matter.

This anime goes down a whole lot better with a few drinks. My advice: if you have never watched anything of the same genre before, give it a shot. Should you not grin in the first few minutes, you’d best give up promptly; it’s all downhill from there.


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