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Voltage Fighters: Gowcaizer


Genre: Action
Company: Gaga Communications/Urban Plant
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 9/27/1996 to 1/31/1997

Ozakai Shizuru runs an academy for exceptional children. Behind the protection of this convenient facade he recruits them as warriors for his secret ambition. His plans are to gain ultimate power, and he doesn’t care if the entire earth is destroyed in the process. The only hope is that some of those bestowed with a Caizer Stone, which allows them to transform into beings of immense power, can stop bickering long enough to band together to stop Ozakai’s madness.

summary by Mugs


Reviewed: 05/26/2003 by
Grade: 26% av-Mugs

Highs: They look better than stick figures would

Lows: Plot; pacing; everything else you can think of

The cover of this DVD proudly proclaims “From the director of Battle Arena Toshinden and Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture“. Like those two stinkers, this is also a video-game-to-anime translation. Another really good idea of what you’re getting yourself into would be to think of Tekken; now imagine watching it twice in a row. Get the general idea yet?

The basics of the plot are that Ozakai is essentially an evil Professor X, running a school and granting people powers to help eliminate those who would oppose him. He must not have a great screening process, however; those whom he grants powers to are inevitably the only people who can stop him. So what we have is this: people fight, shower scene, more people fight, incestuous brother and sister, more people fight, random nudity, more people fight, lots of explosions, the end.

The animation style bears the heavy hand of CGI, and everything looks incredibly similar to other fighting anime that Obari Masami has directed: long panning shots of static backgrounds and plentiful, bouncing bosom abound. I couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone had especially shiny skin, as well.

The ultimate sum-up that I can think of is that I actually had the misfortune of first trying to watch this on DVD at a friend’s house; we both fell asleep before the first OVA was over.


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