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Weiss Kreuz OVA


a.k.a. White Cross OVA

Genre: Action
Company: Studio DEEN
Format: 2 OVA
Dates: 2000

Aya, Yoji, Omi and Ken work by day as florists, living out of a trailer that serves as their moving flower shop. Secretly, they are Weiss, an assassination team that takes care of criminals that the law can’t touch. When Omi’s friend Kaori and her brother become the target of an assassination, internal strife threatens to tear Weiss apart.

summary by Liegenschonheit


Reviewed: 03/26/2005 by
Grade: 40% av-Liegenschonheit

Highs: Short length

Lows: Mediocre art; no character development; limited plot

If you think flower-selling assassins, hacking, corruption and revenge seem a bit much to stuff into two, short OVA, you are probably right. Add to the mix betrayal and an obvious plot twist or two and you have Weiss Kreuz.

Despite the complexities of the plot, it still seems limited and rather dull. Partly, this is because Weiss Kreuz wastes no time on things like background information or character development, and jumps into the main story right away. Unfortunately, this means that though the characters obviously have dark pasts and make tough personal choices, we have no idea what is going on. Another reason this anime seems boring is because of the action sequences, or lack thereof. Though Weiss Kreuz seems to spend most of its time keeping the action out of frame, the few action sequences that are shown are nothing to be thrilled about. Stilted and poorly executed, these scenes manage to convey very little and leave the viewer confused as to the sequence of events.

With a cast full of one-dimensional bishounen, it is hardly surprising that the character designs are stereotypical and unimaginative. This lack of originality is prevalent throughout the entire anime, as is a general lack of detail in the artwork, which makes for a flat and uninspired presentation. And although the music and seiyuu aren’t terrible, they weren’t particularly memorable, either.

Though Weiss Kreuz has so many flaws, it is blessedly short. Even so, there were still times I found myself rooting for the bad guys, if only to bring this sleep-inducing anime to a close. Unless you are an insomniac, a mental masochist or a raving fan girl, save yourself some brain cells and leave Weiss Kreuz alone.


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