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You’re Under Arrest: No Mercy!


a.k.a. You’re Under Arrest in America

a.k.a.Taiho Shichauzo! in America

Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: TBS/Bandai Visual
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 4/25/2002

East meets West as officers Miyuki and Natumi adjust to American life in the LAPD. Not long, though, Miyuki’s Ford Mustang is jacked, and the two become personally embroiled in a car theft syndicate! With good, ol’ American weaponry and hardheadedness leading the way, can Miyuki and Natumi bring these criminals to justice… or will they run crying back to Japan?

summary by Kain


Reviewed: 08/16/2005 by
Grade: 44% av-Kain

Highs: Give me a sec…

Lows: Amazingly inept animation; amazingly inept story; amazingly… so on and so forth.

Fujishima Kosuke’s lush manga character designs have time and time again provided for some visually attractive anime, including the original You’re Under Arrest!. So imagine my surprise when, after such inflated expectations, I came across one of the worst visuals from an OVA produced in the last decade.

Where did it all go wrong? This anime absolutely reeks of a low budget and even lower effort. The seiyuu cast sounded like they just emerged from the You’re Under Arrest! casting party and took a drunken detour to the recording booth. So many hilariously implemented shortcuts, including an alarming amount of still cels to simulate action and a midi keyboard soundtrack that makes the American release of Dragonball Z sound like a philharmonic orchestra, only cheapen whatever artistic pretenses may have existed at one time.

On a personal note, I found the one amusing part being a charming womanizer named Kai… err, Cain. Talk about art imitating life! But in all seriousness, even this one, intriguing character could not hope to carry such a lackluster cast, including a “bad guy” who has no name, no lines, ten seconds of screen time and absolutely no consequence to the story.

I feel sorry for hardcore You’re Under Arrest! fans who purchased this OVA to either complete their collection or with the intention of enjoying yet another Miyuki and Natumi misadventure. No Mercy! isn’t worth the shelf space, let alone the mere 23-minute commitment.


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